Shipping and return policies for Turnstile Junkpile

Shipping Info
We usually ship within two working days of you ordering using first class mail in the UK and airmail to anywhere else.

Shipping costs:
In the UK: £1.00 for one CD, £0.50 each additional CD
In the EU: £1.50 for one CD, £0.50 each additional CD
Rest of the world: £2.50 for one CD, £1.00 each additional CD
Return Policy
If a CD is damaged when it arrives then email us within 7 days using the contact links on our Bandcamp page and we'll work something out.

If you find you just don't need the CD because you've gone all, like, totally digital and i-pod that stuff, then please give it to someone under the age of 25 and explain that physical goods are still nice things. If, like us, you are still fond of vinyl, please use the words "Back in my day..." when you give the disc to the young person.